Unleash your plant’s potential with the amazing GeoPlanter!

The unique characteristic of the GeoPlanter has a clear advantage over the traditional plastic pots and wooden planters.


The GeoPlanter is designed to promote healthy growth by aerating the root zone of the plant and prevent anaerobic condition in the soil. Once the plant roots reach the fabric container wall the roots are air pruned. This pruning of the root tips at the wall of the container forces branching of thousands of fibrous feeder roots throughout the plant container. Without this air pruning, the roots as many of you have witnessed, reach the container wall then circle around the wall of the container until they finally strangle the plant (root bound). Studies have shown that the GeoPlanter creates an air barrier to insulate the root zone during cold weather, while letting air flow around the container edge to prevent over heating of the root zone during hot weather. Read more about the benefits by clicking on advantages.


The GeoPlanter comes in a wide range of sizes and shapes, designed to fit both the home gardeners and the commercial growers’ needs. It comes in a compacted package, that can be easily shipped or transported in the trunk of a car (no truck needed!). Assembly is a snap! Taking only two to three minutes without tools or special skills.


The GeoPlanter is a geotextile gardening container made from the highest quality polypropylene fabric. It is UV stabilized for years of use in direct sunlight. The polypropylene fibers are resistant to degradation from biological environments normally found in the soil. The GeoPlanter is tough, with a tensile strength (Grab) of over 300 lbs and will not rip or tear.

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